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:opusmodus in *features*?

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Dear Janusz,


Would it be possible to add a symbol like :opusmodus to the variable *features*? I am writing a cross-platform library, and for Opusmodus-specific features it would be good to be able check for that platform. Currently, I am instead checking for Clozure CL and then assume Opusmodus as shown below, but it would be better to have some check specifically for Opusmodus.

 #+clozure ; opusmodus
 ((om:omn-formp x) <do some fancy processing>)




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BTW: very easy to do. Somewhere in your code do the following. 

(setf *features* (cons :opusmodus *features*))


And there should not be any side effects, as long as you do not remove any symbol from *features*, because no-one will have tested for :opusmodus in that list before (except it is a typo :)


See also http://www.lispworks.com/documentation/lw50/CLHS/Body/v_featur.htm and http://www.cliki.net/features



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