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    • By Stephane Boussuge
      Here's a new piece made in Opusmodus.
      The pdf itself is raw output of Opusmodus, I've just added Title, name etc... with PdfExpert software.
    • By JulioHerrlein
      Dear All,
      I'm trying to find a suitable workflow to make my choices easier.
      One idea was to compose over a piano reduction, for easier manipulation.
      Here's a way of doing that, with comments.
      The MIDI FILE output is like this. I did NO EDITIONS at all in Musescore.This is the video of the MIDI output.
      The XML output is the piano reduction.
      Very convenient !

      str_4tet_opusmodus.mov ;;;SEV CHORDS Basic Functions ;;;Harmonic Functions/Sets List (setf Srm7 (pcs-transpose 9 (pcs '4-26) :pitch)) (setf S7M (pcs-transpose 4 (pcs '4-20) :pitch)) (setf Trm7 (pcs-transpose 4 (pcs '4-26) :pitch)) (setf T7M (pcs-transpose -1 (pcs '4-20) :pitch)) (setf Tam7 (pcs-transpose 11 (pcs '4-26) :pitch)) (setf D7 (pcs-transpose 11 (pcs '4-27b) :pitch)) (setf hd (pcs-transpose 9 (pcs '4-27) :pitch)) ;;;Estabilishing a Basic Progressions (setf chordprog (chordize (list Srm7 S7M Trm7 T7M Tam7 S7M))) ;;;Repeating and transposing the progression (setf chordtrp-rpt (pitch-transpose-repeat '((0 3 5 4) (0 2 -2 -1) (0 5 1 -2) (7 12 10 -3)) chordprog)) ;;; Making suitable voicings to the progression (setf chordprogdrop (chordize-list (pitch-transpose-n '(0 -12 0 0) (pitch-melodize chordtrp-rpt)))) ;;;Using these dropped chords as the source (setf chordprgtrp chordprogdrop) ;;;Opcionally with more Voice-Leading, with a smooth transition between the chords ;(setf chordprgtrp (chord-closest-path (car chordprogdrop) (gen-divide 4 chordprogdrop))) ;;;Counting the number of chords to make rhythm repetitions ;(setf times (get-count (get-count chordprgtrp))) ;;;Optionally setting manually the repetitions (setf times 24) ;;;Eachnote assigned to a voice (setf voz1 (flatten (pitch-demix 1 chordprgtrp))) (setf voz2 (flatten (pitch-demix 2 chordprgtrp))) (setf voz3 (flatten (pitch-demix 3 chordprgtrp))) (setf voz4 (flatten (pitch-demix 4 chordprgtrp))) ;;;optionally processing the ambitus of the voices ;(setf vozamb1 (ambitus '(c4 c5) voz1) vozamb2 (ambitus '(f3 c5) voz2) vozamb3 (ambitus '(g3 g4) voz3) vozamb4 (ambitus '(c2 e3) voz4)) ;;; Or setting to instrument's ranges ;(setf vozamb1 (ambitus (ambitus-instrument 'flute) voz1)vozamb2 (ambitus (ambitus-instrument 'oboe) voz2) vozamb3 (ambitus (ambitus-instrument 'clarinet) voz3) vozamb4 (ambitus (ambitus-instrument 'bassoon) voz4)) ;;;or just using the resulting drops as given (setf vozamb1 voz1 vozamb2 voz2 vozamb3 voz3 vozamb4 voz4) ;;;RIT ;;;one rhythm to all (for checking the "chorale" writing) ;(setf r1 (gen-repeat times '(q)) r2 (gen-repeat times '(q)) r3 (gen-repeat times '(q)) r4 (gen-repeat times '(q))) ;;;Doing an homorhythmic section (all instruments play the same rhythms (setf homorhy (gen-repeat times '(q -q e q e h h -s s s s)) r1 homorhy r2 homorhy r3 homorhy r4 homorhy) ;;; Articulation for the homorhytm (setf arthomo '(ten stacc ord stacc ord ord leg leg ord)) ;;;OMN ASSEMBLAGE of the Lines (setf vozomn1 (make-omn :length r1 :pitch vozamb1 :articulation arthomo :velocity (rnd-order'(p)))) (setf vozomn2 (make-omn :length r2 :pitch vozamb2 :articulation arthomo :velocity (rnd-order'(p)))) (setf vozomn3 (make-omn :length r3 :pitch vozamb3 :articulation arthomo :velocity (rnd-order'(pp)))) (setf vozomn4 (make-omn :length r4 :pitch vozamb4 :articulation arthomo :velocity (rnd-order'(pp)))) ;;;--------------------------------------------------------- ;;; SCORE ;;;---------------------------------------------------------- (def-score voices (:title "Piano-Red-4-Voices" :subtitle "Estudos Polifônicos" :composer "Julio-Herrlein" :key-signature 'atonal :time-signature '(4 4) :tempo '("Meditativo" q 60) :layout (piano-solo-layout '(pno-rh1 pno-rh2) '(pno-lh pno-lh2))) (pno-rh1 :omn vozomn1 :channel 1 :sound 'gm :program 'Violin :volume 100) (pno-rh2 :omn vozomn2 :channel 2 :sound 'gm :program 'Violin :volume 70) (pno-lh :omn vozomn3 :channel 3 :sound 'gm :program 'Viola :volume 80) (pno-lh2 :omn vozomn4 :channel 4 :sound 'gm :program 'Cello :volume 80))  
    • By Stephane Boussuge
      A short study about some harmonic procedures and unfold set simple usage.
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