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Does Opusmodus already support the notation of nested tuplets?


Nested tuplets are easily expressed directly with fractions. For example, for the nested rhythm found at 


I can write the following. 


'(2/15 2/15 2/15 2/25 2/25 2/25 2/25 2/25 1/20 3/20)


The playback of this rhythm works fine, but the notation is unnecessarily complex. Not even the simple time signature 2/4 is detected. 


Also, I could not find the length symbols for the required durations. For example, what is the symbol for the fraction 2/15? 






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    • By torstenanders
      Is there perhaps a way to adjust the overall duration of a nested (barred) OMN sequence? In particular, is there a function to cut notes etc. at the beginning/end of a sequence, so that the result has a specified overall duration?
      The first example just demonstrates what I would like to have.
      (setf phrase '((1/2 c4 1/4 d4) (1/4 e4 1/2 c4))) ;; Edit phrase such that the result is exactly 5/4 long by preserving the nesting structure (function-I-am-looking-for 5/4 phrase) ; => ((h c4 q d4) (q e4 c4)) ; cut material at end ; => ((q c4 q d4) (q e4 h c4)) ; cut material at beginning  
      There already exist at least two functions that are close, but not quite what I need. 
      ;; Does not keep nesting structure (length-span 5/4 phrase) ; => (h c4 q d4 e4 c4) ;; Adjusts individual sublists  (length-adjust 5/4 phrase) ; => ((h c4 q d4 -h) (q e4 h c4 -)) Is there perhaps also a function that does what my example function-I-am-looking-for above does?
      Thanks a lot!
    • By Yuichi Yamamoto
      I'm playing around with the function gen-tuplet and having some bug / unexpected result.
      When I evaluate some code like
      (gen-tuplet 1 1 'm 'n 'w 5) I get  
      which is understandable. 
      But when I give the length-value twice the duration,
      (gen-tuplet 1 1 'm 'n 'd 5) I get
      whereas I would expect it to be (2/5 2/5 2/5 2/5 2/5).
      Is this a bug? Or this is just how it is?
    • By RST
      I have a small tuplet question: best way to notate this kind of structure in OMN?

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