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    • By Stephane Boussuge
      Here's the file from today.
      Happy Opusmodusing !!
    • By EAIP
      I've been away from OM for a while, and now I am preparing some examples for teaching.
      For some reason this simple example won't playback staccato properly (Snippet > Audition and Notation).
      What am I missing here? The notation shows the staccato markings.
      (make-omn :length (gen-repeat 20 'q) :pitch (integer-to-pitch '(0 2 5 7 10)) :velocity '(mp) :attribute '(- - stacc) :span :length )  
    • By InLight-Tone
      So I've sorted out sending 16 channels of midi from OM to Logic through an IAC bus.
      I'm now ready to build a bigger template.
      I've created 4 OM ports in IAC: OM-1, OM-2, OM-3, OM-4.
      How do I access these ports in tracks in Logic and assign them to these additional ports and 16 midi channels each?
      Do I need to go in and wire up the Environment? Yikes!
      Thanks for any help!
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