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Cut of reverb tail of last notes in EWQLSO

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Opusmodus somehow cuts of the reverb tail of any last note played by EastWest's Play (tested with EWQLSO). This only happens for me with realtime output by either playing a score or a snippet. The problem does not exist with exported MIDI files. 


Does Opusmodus perhaps send any MIDI message at the end of realtime output that could cause this?


Stephane, do you also have this problem?




EDIT: Meanwhile found a workaround: the problem only happened with Play in standalone mode. When using Play within a DAW such as Logic it works fine. Strange...





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Hi Torsten,


i use always play in Logic but i've noticed sometimes the same problem when using play in standalone.


In past, we experiment some problems with some daw with stuck notes and it is probably the reason Opusmodus send some messages at the end but strangely this message affect only Eastwest play because NI products and other don't have problem with that when used with opmo.




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