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Importing Scala Scales/Modes/Tunings to OM

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Dear all,


I am curious to know if anyone has imported any/all of the currently existing scala scales into OM.

Is it possible to automate the process of importing all the tunings just because dealing with both the .scl format and the number of available tunings can get tedious. 



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Scala files, I realize, are lists of tuning frequencies that can be subsequently mapped to midi. I have in the past imported lists of frequencies into programs such as Max/MSP for other projects, but I'm curious to see how this could be efficiently done in OM. It'd be nice to be able to simultaneously create library lists (that are stored in the OM directory for future use) without needing to manually go through each of the over 4,000 tunings available.


I also assume that this matter would be connected somehow to any future OM functions that allow for microtonal music. As a temporary work-around, is there a way to turn frequencies from floating point digits to ratios (if this is of any use), and the ratios would be usable in parameters such as generating pitches, lengths, and velocities (perhaps through remapping procedures)? 




An example of what the content of an .scl file can be seen in the following: 



! porcupine.scl
Porcupine temperament, g=162.996, 7-limit


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The Scala scale file format is specified here: http://huygens-fokker.org/scala/scl_format.html

It is a flexible tuning format supported by various synthesis hard and software.


As Opusmodus only outputs MIDI and leaves the sound synthesis to external software, those external software could be tuned with Scala files in principle.


Scala files could be relevant for Opusmodus, if the tuning is controlled, e.g., via MIDI, e.g., pitch bend messages, note expressions of VST 3 etc...




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