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    • By opmo
      We have successfully built Opusmodus on macOS 10.15
      An update will follow shortly. 😀
    • By opmo
      – Fixes:
      COUNTERPOINT – span added an additional 1/4 length.
      PS – error if controller option in an instrument.
      CREATE-CHORD – error if incorrect chord arguments.
      ttrem – error in display when ttrem inside a tuplet.
      Italian documentation – misspels and typos.

      – Changes:
      Changes to method names in default Unfold Set OM.lisp file.
      Update to Quick Start folder.

      How to install the new Quick Start workspace:
      1. Delete the Quick Start folder from your Opusmodus directory.
      2. Select the Install Quick Start Workspace command from the Opusmodus Help menu.
      3. New Quick Start workspace will open. 
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