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Opusmodus 1.1.18554

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Additional keyword :interval added to find-ambitus function.


(setf omn-seq

      '((s cs5 p g6 mp mf -) (s cs5 f e g3 ff s p)

        (s cs5 mp g6 mf f -) (-s cs5 ff e g3 p)

        (s g3 mp - e cs5 mf) (s g6 f ff e cs5 p)

        (s g3 mp mf e cs5 f) (s g6 ff p cs5 mp g3 mf)

        (e g3 f s cs5 ff g6 p) (e g6 mp -s cs5 mf)

        (e g3 f -s g3 ff) (s cs5 p e g6 mp s mf)))


(find-ambitus omn-seq)

=> (-5 31)


(find-ambitus omn-seq :type :pitch)

=> (g3 g6)


With keyword :interval T the function will return the global interval value:


(find-ambitus omn-seq :interval t)

=> 36

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