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disappearing text in document, bug?

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Hi J,


I am getting this weird behaviour from the scripting environment. I am simply making a new .opmo doc, then pasting a little code from a master .opmo document into it, then if I switch to the master doc and then come back to the new one, it appears blank, and does not allow me to click or add any text to it, as if it were locked. I am using the version from late february, as opposed to the one you rolled out a couple of days ago. Also I am on latest MacOS.


This is driving me crazy!




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1. New -> File

2. Save the file in the workspace folder of your project.

3. The new file will open in the composer automatically and will be visible in the Navigator.

4. Past your code.

5. Save


You do something strange :-)

I can help without seeing what you do.

This is not a bug.


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At some stage I consolidated the files I was working on, but this creates a folder called consolidated files which does not seem specific to the actual project file set, but to a point in time when you consolidate, thus if you save the project as something else, it will still place the files of this potentially new file set into the old consolidated folder.


What would be ideal is that when you consolidate, it creates a folder per project, no? is that what it is meant to do? I tried making two different projects and when consolidating the second it just used the 'consolidated' folder of the first.


I was saving my files in my composition folder but the behaviour appeared when there was more than one folder to put files (although I had not duplicated them)... so some in consolidated and some outside (which I was intending to consolidate later...) feeding the same project. I am trying to replicate the blank files but can't do it yet...


thanks for alerting me to this way of working... I think I prefer to manually place files from the beginning if the saving system doesn't associate them with the IDE project they were created in, so I'll do that

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update... it is happening again... with files inside and outside consolidated folder, and the .opmows is outside the consolidated folder because it does not get placed there when you consolidate, yet both .opmows and the folder are within the same folder... is this what you mean by the 'workspace folder' of my project?

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Consolidated we use for collection all files into one place (folder) when we want to share our work with others or when we wish collect all files into one place.

The Navigator is only a link panel to files which can be anywhere on your computer.


Drawing or Adding files to the Navigator will not copy the files or folders to the Workspace folder.


The Consolidate folder will not be visible in the Navigator and will collect files only which are missing for the original Workspace folder.

By project I mean Workspace folder with a workspace document .opmows. with the same name - for example the 'Quick Start' workspace (project).

Maybe this helps:


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er... I know how to add files to the navigator... that is not an issue at all. The issue is that when I save files I just created, sometimes the text disappears and they look blank and are uneditable. I have had this behaviour both with and without consolidating files. You tell me it is not a bug but it sure looks like one!


In other commercial software like LIVE or Logic, we are used to saving as project and having all related media files kept in the same folder as the project we saved and I find this useful in the long run as you go through many different projects and experiments. An interesting software that implements this kind of saving and includes everything inc video, text files, etc, and URLs is Scrivener. There, every creative writing project gets consolidated in its own folder. This is what I thought consolidate did. The way it is implemented here in OM is not useful to me, I guess. I prefer the consolidate-per-project approach.











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Opusmodus is more in line with a developing systems. This way you can use the same file or document in many workspaces without the need to make a copy of the same document again and again. Yes, indeed this is a different implementation.

If you want to keep all files in the same workspace folder you will need to save or place them in the folder and then add them to the Navigator panel, this way you don't need the consolidate function.


Try this:

1. Close all your workspace documents.

2. Create new workspace (not in other workspace folder).

3. New -> File (you don't need to add the .opmo extension to the name, just a name).


Same text problem?


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thanks, I did as you suggested and observe in the finder that of the files that were showing blank, there are duplicates which I did not create (purposefully at least!) and which have a tilde after the name, look at my finder in the picture attached. Don't know how this happened.


Anyway, I have started a new workspace within the same folder I have been working all along... thanks.



Screenshot 2016-03-11 14.15.04.png

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Hi J,


I have done everything you indicate but this is happening again and it is very frustrating but I think I found a workaround:

  1. made a new workspace folder
  2. created a couple of new files and saved them manually to that folder
  3. they appear when I launch but when I start navigating from one to another at some stage they go blank

the workaround I found is to manually close all documents open in the composer window, then click on the file in the navigator again and I got it back...


It's like the IDE crashes when you have too many docs open in the composition window?



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