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using span doesn't work as expected...

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Hi Janusz or guys who may help,


I am doing this:


(setf loopthing (gen-eval 8  '(randomize-octaves '(gb1 eb8)  '(gb2cs3 e4as3 g4 eb5)   ) ))


and I want to map the resulting randomisations to a rhythm list, as in the example of the help-file... so

(span loopthing '(1/80 3/64 13/192 -1/120 871/1920))


but all I get is the rhythm list playing a middle C... not the loopthing list, I tried evaluating it separately and just plugging in the list directly to see if it was due to using the gen-eval, but still doesn't work... I also tried inserting 

(omn :pitch loopthing)

in case I needed to present it as a pitch only list?


the example in the helpful is pretty straight forward, a sequence of pitches is spanned to a sequence of rhythms, one sequence is shorter than the other and the result is a recursive mapping of the two lists...


why doesn't mine work?






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in fact the helpfile example doesn't work as I thought either... below, should the span assign each element of the sequence to each element of the rhythm list, in this case consisting of only one value? thus playing seq-1 the whole way through in 1/8 values?


(setf seq-1 (rnd-sample 15 '(c4 cs4 d4 fs4 g4 gs4 c5)))
=> ((c4 cs4 fs4 cs4 cs4 gs4 gs4 fs4 cs4 fs4 g4 c5 g4 g4 d4)

(span seq-1 '(e))
=> (1/8 1/8 1/8 1/8 1/8 1/8 1/8 1/8
    1/8 1/8 1/8 1/8 1/8 1/8 1/8)


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ok, so it seems I have misunderstood what this does, all it does is provide enough repetitions of the elements on one list to match another, which then has to be combined into a make-omn statement to match the results... I thought it directly matched pitches to rhythms but one more step is actually necessary...




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No, MAKE-OMN can span as well with the keyword :span, for example here, the master is pitch:

(setf pitch (gen-eval 8 '(randomize-octaves '(gb1 eb8) '(gb2cs3 e4as3 g4 eb5))))

 :length '(1/80 3/64 13/192 -1/120 871/1920)
 :pitch pitch
 :span :pitch)



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