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a typo or inconsistency in helpfile for gen-def

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a minor correction suggested... I know this is fairly basic, but it made a beginner like me do a double take...

this is the helpfile:


gen-repeat number sequence &key section




Arguments and Values:


number            an integer.

sequence            a list or atom.

section            a list of integers (sublists to process).




This function returns any number of repeats of a list or atom.


but further down it says...



If size is a list then each list is repeat individualy.


(gen-repeat '(3) '((c4 g4) (c4 a4)))

=> ((c4 g4 c4 g4 c4 g4) (c4 a4 c4 a4 c4 a4))


yet 'size' (which is in the type for a &key) is not a valid keyword, it refers to 'number'...


thought it may help others... must be a nightmare keeping all help-files consistent, my sympathies!













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