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raw midi file no meter

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Hi guys,


I imported a raw midi file which comes from an unbarred, no clear metre performance, I am getting code like this:



(bos :omn
            '(-w_h_s. 265/1024 as5 -163/512 s_t_x_2x.. as5 -1205/1024
              275/1024 as5 -335/1024 e_2x.. as5    



Am I correct in assuming that the fractions are simply an added to the length value? because the values are irrational numbers?






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I think you might need to quantise the midi file (data) first with Logic or other software.

The output you see is pure translation of the lengths.

Or you need to change the length setup in the import window.

Other possibility would be to make the length output in ratios only, to do that I would need to make some changes to the system.

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