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Tips to preserve memory/RAM while running OM?

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I've been developing a new composition over the last few weeks and have really been happy to make use of the "workspace" feature in OM.  By putting all my files into the same workspace, I have been able to traceback carefully over all the steps I have taken. However, I've noticed today that my workspace keeps freezing (I would have to wait a very long time to be able to click anything or type in anything) whenever I want to add anything new. I noticed that OM was using most of my laptop's 8GB RAM, so I started removing some of the files from the workspace hoping that it would make the program run smoother. Nothing changed after I did that. However, when I created a new workspace with only a few of the previous files, it seemed to run better.  


Does anyone have any advice on best practice when it comes to using the workspace feature without taking up too much RAM?

I'm running OM on a macbook pro retina (2013).



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My development workspace has a round 500 files.

It is possible that to many files are open in the Composer and in the Assistant panel.

To found out how many files are open click the top left corner icon.

I suggest you close some of them if more then 20 are open.

To close a file click on the the top right cross x icon.

To close all Assistant files and panels with one click press alt+click in the x.


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