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newbie needs help with recursion

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Hi guys,

I am trying to successively modify a set, and I am looking at the quick start as my model but mine does not work... so, I create a set that I call 'bird1', I then randomise the pitch order and assign it to the variable 'mix', then I want to retrograde that and assign it to 'retromix'... but as I can check each snippet, I am trying to do so to see what results at each step, yet when I check the last one, I get an error and no sound... yet when I just execute the snippet, there is no error...


setting the first list

(setf bird1
'(( q as5 -e -t) (-e -t e as5 -h -e..)
  (-q... q as5 tie t -q) (-s e as5 -h -q -t fs5 tie)
  (z^s cs6 t fs5 - t^s f6 s ds6 e as5 tie t - s ds5 h gs5 tie t -s)
  (-11/32 s fs5 t^s cs6 s f6 t^s ds6 e as5 tie t - t^s ds5 q gs5 tie)
  (t gs5 -h. e.. ds5 tie) (s ds5 -q -t e ds5 -h -t)
  (-e q. ds5 -et s. ds5 -q))


making it randomise by pitch 

(setf mix '(rnd-order bird1 :type :pitch :seed 500))


trying to get it to retrograde but I cannot test the snippet

(setf retromix '(gen-retrograde mix))


when I do command+E I get (gen-retrograde mix), which I expect, but why can't I listen to the snippet and get an error instead?

Thank you!


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Hi Julio,

You should not have the apostrophes on

(setf mix '(rnd-order bird1 :type :pitch :seed 500))



(setf retromix '(gen-retrograde mix))


the ' makes LISP read the (gen-retrograde mix) as "text" and should return just whats inside the (). It is not interpreted.

(setf mix (rnd-order bird1 :type :pitch :seed 500)) ;---> Works with cmd-1
(setf retromix (gen-retrograde mix))                ;---> Works with cmd-1



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