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shortcut for help files?

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Hi guys,

From both supercollider and Max, I am used to clicking an object (in this case it would be function) and bringing up a help file.

Is there a similar shortcut here in OM? or do I always have to highlight the function, copy it, then go to the Utilities Panel, Select 'Search', paste in the function name, and then get the help file?

just not used to taking so many steps to invoke help!

Lazy in West Yorkshire




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How to Search the system

To quickly search the system place the cursor anywhere on the function-name or on any word in the Composer panel (no selection needed) and press ctrl-tab ⌃⇥ or cmd-alt-/ ⌥⌘/ or you can find the search command in the Help menu.


Midi Playback

To Start/Stop playing the Midi press the space bar on your keyboard. To return to the beginning of the Midi display panel press the return key ↩. Alternatively you can use the contextual menu (right mouse click) to control the midi display panel.

Some of the midi files (especially from the web) you will not be able to listen to because  the file might use the external ports. To change the setup use the contextual menu (right mouse click) in the midi panel and chose 'Ignore Ports'. This will send the midi to the internal GM sound set after which you will be able to listen to the midi file.


Snippets - quick audition and notation

Place the mouse cursor at the end of each expression and press ⌘1 to hear it (audition) or, press ⌘2 (notation) to display the expression in notation.

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