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Custom articullation names

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I'm creating an instrument library for all the VSL Woodwinds instruments. In several  DEF-SOUND-SET examples I have, I see different articulation combinations, but I don't know how to recall the without an error message. I've been only capable of using the OM articulation combinations, like "long+stacc", or "short+vib", ... etc. For example, how can I use in an OM score the "fl1-perf-marcato" articulation included in the following DEF-SOUD-SET?


(def-sound-set vi-flute1
               :supports-mts t
  (:group perf-universal
          fl1-perf-leg-sustain (:key c2 cc1 30)
          fl1-perf-marcato     (:key c2 cc1 80)
          :group perf-trill-speed
          fl1-perf-legato-trill (:key cs2)
          :group articulation-combi
          fl1-staccato    (:key d2 :key c1  cc1 30)
          fl1-sus-vib     (:key d2 :key cs1 cc1 30)
          fl1-pfp-vib-3s  (:key d2 :key d1  cc1 30)
          fl1-fp-vib      (:key d2 :key ds1 cc1 30)
          fl1-flatter     (:key d2 :key e1  cc1 30)
          fl1-trill-1     (:key d2 :key f1  cc1 30)


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You have to define them in user-attributes file in Extensions.


To get a full tutorial on the subject:



<span>This level 2 course focuses on designing sound sets and working with VI plugins in Opusmodus. It is intended for users who already have some experience with Opusmodus and want to learn new techniques for driving virtual instruments plugins directly from Opusmodus, managing the playback, articulations and controllers to enhance their composition workflow and output sound...




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