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set functions for OM structures

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Say we have as base material 2 list sequences a and b in omn or other musical OM forms (i.e. pitch series), which are generated by some algorithm.

There will be cases where you want to calculate on sets of this material.


Is there a OM function which helps to calculate set operations for both?

Foregive me if I missed something in the excellent docu.


If not, consider to implement the 3 elementary types of set operations: 

- union: the set with holds all elements of a and b

- intersect: the set which holds the elements found in a and b, but excludes those which only occur in a resp. b. 

- setdiff: the set which holds all elements in a which are not elements in b


Needless to say that set functions will discard duplicates.

I am sure there are LISP functions for this, but they probably won't generalize  to OM related data structure?





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I agree !

It would be nice to have a dedicated function for set operations with lists of any nature.

There are set theory functions for dealing with pitch class sets, like


(pcs-super-sets 4 (pcs '3-1) :forte)




(pcs-sub-sets 4 (pcs '7-35) :forte)

Check the Filters / Processing functions.

There are many ways to filter things. Some are related do the idea of sets.

best !

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