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entering all voices/staves on one measure at a time

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There's probably a better way to do this, but I got interested in entering my entire piano score one measure at a time... by comparison, I noticed that many of the "stages" examples had one list for each voice or staff of an entire composition with multiple measures per list. I tried working with that but found it difficult.


So I played around with some Lisp. In this example I have one measure, which is a list of the rh voice 1, rh voice 2, lh voice 1, and lh voice 2. The intention is to have multiple measures in a list, so it's a little contrived at this point, but I could test my Lisp. So "unzipping" this list of measures into a list of all the measures making up rh voice1, all the measures making up rh voice 2, etc. I then call merge-voices on the two rh voices and the two lh voices, then pass these as the treble and bass staff to the def-score.


Is there a better way to do this, perhaps something built-in?





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(setf rh1 '(q g4 b4 cs5))
(setf rh2 '(e c4 d4 e4 f4 g4 a4))
(setf lh1 '(q b3 a3 g3))
(setf lh2 '(e g3 f3 e3 d3 c3 d3))

(def-score merge-voices
  (:composer "Mike Mossey"
   :key-signature '(c maj)
   :time-signature '((1 1 1) 3)
   :ignore-velocity t
   :ignore-tempo t
   :tempo '((75 1))
   :layout (piano-solo-layout '(rh1 rh2) '(lh1 lh2)))
    :omn rh1
    :channel 1
    :sound 'gm
    :program 'acoustic-grand-piano
    :volume 127
    :pan 64
   (rh2 :omn rh2)
   (lh1 :omn lh1)
   (lh2 :omn lh2)


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I'm sorry my intention is not clear in this one-measure example, but my intention is to have my score grouped by measures. For this short score it doesn't matter, but when a score gets longer, your method here was difficult for me to work with. With your method, see how if I add measures I need to add them in four different places? If the score got much longer it would be difficult to follow which measures match up and difficult to edit the music by inserting or removing measures.




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