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interval-expansion-series count list

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The documentation on the interval-expansion-series function states that a count list argument refers to a number of intervals to process. Would someone be willing to explain what number of intervals and in what way? I understand that this function also has built-in randomness, resulting in a different output each time.


In the example below, does the count list '(1 2 3) mean that only one interval is expanded the first time, then two intervals the second time, etc.? Or does it imply that only the first three intervals from the interval source list will be expanded?


 10 '(1 -1 2 -2) '(1 2 3) '(-6 -5 3 4) :max-interval 6)


Thank you!

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With Stephane's help, I learned that a possible number of intervals to process in each list is a random choice. What is more, each parameter in this function, including the number of possible intervals to process, is applied recursively to the last processed subset of intervals.


Might it be possible to add :cycle-intervals and :cycle-num options the interval-expansion-series function? Those options would allow for the interval transformation parameters cycled in place of random.



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