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Does not wotk with Jack on OS X

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   I'm starting a new post for an issue where the trial version wouldn't load on older hardware for some users. This is more of a question than a request for support. I needed to uninstall Jack Audio on OS X to get Opusmodus to work. I even tried a newer version of Jack and had the same problem. I removed Jack and an happily using OPM. I will eventually need to reinstall Jack. My question is: Is Opusmodus known to work with Jack on newer hardware? I plan on updating my hardware at some point soon and could possibly do without it for a while (I'm doing less SuperCollider at the time being), but I would eventually need to run Jack on the machine running OPM.



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As far as I know 'Soundflower' provides the same functionality as 'Jack'

As a workaround maybe you can try soundflower (the link does not work, so please google it yourself, it is hosted by rogueamoeba.com now)?

And maybe it is  good to check if soundflower also causes problems?



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