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    • By opmo
      – New:

      – Changes and Additions (check the documentation for each of the functions below):

      GEN-COLLECT – tuplet grouping.
      GEN-FRAGMENT – tuplet grouping.
      GEN-INTERLEAVE – tuplet grouping.
      GEN-MORPH – tuplet grouping.
      CHORD-INVERSION – extended functionality.
      PS – preserve pitch names (composers intend).
      COUNTERPOINT – dictum addition: :tempo and :harmony, new voice symbol * (Pedal Point).

      – Fixes:
      Tempo :length - tempo mark in the middle of a measure.
      TIE-BARS – with argument :section and :exclude.
      and same minor once.
      – Documentation:
      New score examples in Howto Utilities.
      – Note:
      The Check for Updates... should work and recognise your macOS system and install the correct update for your system.
      Please let me know if it works. If dose not work for you please download the update from the Forums Downloads page.
      Possibly the download here is safer. 🚦

      Best wishes,

      P.S. Later this week I will make an Announcement on Howto to setup and use Supercollider in Opusmodus.
    • By opmo
      – Fixed:
      Prevent articulation on all but the first note of a tie.
      FIT-TO-SPAN with :extend 's option, stops flatten result.
    • By opmo
      – Additions:
      :index in POLYPHONY function.
      – Fixed:
      missing list in the first voice in POLYPHONY function return.
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