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– New functions:



– Additions:

COUNTERPOINT - optional :tempo

PS - :output :display-midi


– Documentation

New documents, revised Counterpoint examples.


Preview Score example with DICTUM-TEMPO function and :display-midi

  (ps 'gm
      :fl (list voice1)
      :cl (list voice2)
      :hn (list voice3)
      :vc (list voice4)
      :octave-shift t
      :flexible-clef t
      :tempo (dictum-tempo dictum-a dictum-b dictum-c dictum-d)
      :output :display-midi
      :display :window

- Janusz

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Can someone point me to the elusive "Forums Download link here, which you find in the Forums menu" as I cannot seem to find it.  The latest version is listed on the right side,  but not a hyperlink to any download...


I feel i've had this challenge multiple times finding the update downloads in the past,  as i do not have opportunity to use OPMO as frequently as i'd like.  Thanks for the help.

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Thank you.  As feedback,  I had went to that link,  but there was no version number listed next to that download so I hesitated.  Is there a reason the Versioning is omitted from the download page or the current version message on the "Forum" landing page does not link directly to the download page?  Either one would give a better sense of security one is acquiring the correct version before attempting the download.  Best.

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