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How to snap notes into a scale?

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Hi there,

i'm a excited beginner with OM!

Just exploring and modifying the turotials.


One Question:

What would be a good approach to sort the notes which are generated from the snippet below to, say, a scale.

In other words: The outoot below is chromatic. How can i turn it into a scale, eg. d-phrygian)

Thank you!


(setf size 60)
(setf vector
       size 1 '(0.5 0.4 0.3 0.6)
       :modulation (gen-sine size 1 0.3 :phase 180)))
(setf pitchvec (vector-to-pitch '(g1 g6) vector))


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you could do it like this, check the function TONALITY-MAP

(pitch-transpose 2 (tonality-map '(phrygian :map step) pitchvec))

but mapping on (other) tonalities could be musically a bit tricky - perhaps you have to "eliminate some pitch repetitions" (has to do with quantification), or sometimes you have some troubles with the ambitus (that's the reason why i added <pitch-transpose>)...


but perhaps there are some other solutions...?




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it could work like this... because of the RANGE of the "chromatic mapping of your gen-sin", you have to set :root  d3, otherwise you will get pitches like "a-1", which is not possible. so you have to shift your root to d3.

(tonality-map '(phrygian :root d3) pitchvec)

i never used <tonality-map> before, i just read the documentation of the function - so it's quiet simple 🙂




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