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  1. so far it works, thank you! but where can i define the root/base note of the phrygian-mode? ah, i found it. thats is done by the pitch-transpose. so whatever tonality-map does, its always based on "c" as the root?
  2. Hi there, i'm a excited beginner with OM! Just exploring and modifying the turotials. One Question: What would be a good approach to sort the notes which are generated from the snippet below to, say, a scale. In other words: The outoot below is chromatic. How can i turn it into a scale, eg. d-phrygian) Thank you! (setf size 60) (setf vector (gen-sine size 1 '(0.5 0.4 0.3 0.6) :modulation (gen-sine size 1 0.3 :phase 180))) (setf pitchvec (vector-to-pitch '(g1 g6) vector))
  3. In Lesson 4, it is statet that "You can see the LENGTH-WEIGHT replaces previously 'sounding' lengths with rest-lengths throughout the stream of pitches. " But actually Length-Weight INSERTS rests. Sounding pitches are not replaced, but shiftet. Is that correct?
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  5. Hallo, newbie here I'm just starting with OM and playing around with the tutorials. I slightly changed tutorial #4 and run into something strange. If i run the script as posted below, all works as expected. But when i change the function reverse to nreverse (and nreverse is the oficially documented name of the function) the omn result will leave the right hand empty. Why ist that? And why does reverse work as i expect it to work? And, another thing: i dont understand what the term seed will do. Will it make random functions behave always the sam
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