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gen-chord2 [Function]

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Version 1.0.15605 is out with a new function added: GEN-CHORD2, ready for download.


  count chord-size pitches &key ambitus-chord
  offset transpose rnd-octaves ambitus seed


Arguments and Values:

count           an integer or list of integers (number of chords).
chord-size      an integer or list of integers (size of chords).
pitches         list or lists of pitches.
offset          an integer or list of integers.
ambitus-chord   an integer or list of integers.
transpose       an integer or list of integers.
rnd-octaves     NIL or T. The default is NIL.
ambitus         instrument name or an integer or pitch list (low high). The default is 'piano.
seed            NIL or number. The default is NIL.


The function GEN-CHORD2 enables the composer to generate chords from a list of pitches. The count value sets the number of chords to be generated. The size of the chord is determined by the chord-size parameters. Keywords like :transpose, :ambitus-chord, :rnd-octaves, :ambitus and :offset are further parameters used within the function.

(setf row (rnd-row :type :pitch :seed 245))
=> (
c4 cs4 e4 eb4 b4 fs4 gs4 a4 bb4 d4 f4 g4)

(gen-chord2 4 '(3 3 3 3) row)
=> (c4cs4e4 eb4b4fs4 gs4a4bb4 d4f4g4)

(gen-chord2 4 '(2 2 3 4) row :offset '(2 2 -1 1))
=> (e4eb4 b4fs4 eb4b4fs4 b4fs4gs4a4)

(gen-chord2 4 '(2 2 3 4) row :offset '(2 0 -1 0))
=> (e4eb4 e4eb4 cs4e4eb4 cs4e4eb4b4)

(gen-chord2 4 '(4 3) row)
=> (b4fs4gs4a4 a4bb4d4 g4c4cs4e4 e4eb4b4)

(gen-chord2 '(12 6) '(3 4) '((c4 cs4 d4 ds4 e4 f4) (fs4 g4 gs4 a4 as4 b4)))
=> ((
eb4e4f4 cs4d4eb4e4 e4f4c4 d4eb4e4f4 f4c4cs4 eb4e4f4c4
cs4d4 e4f4c4cs4 cs4d4eb4 f4c4cs4d4 d4eb4e4 c4cs4d4eb4)
a4bb4b4 g4gs4a4bb4 bb4b4fs4 gs4a4bb4b4 b4fs4g4 a4bb4b4fs4)


If :offset is NIL (the default) then the chord-size value determines the offset value.

(gen-chord2 4 '(4 3) row :offset '(2 3 -2))
=> (e4eb4b4fs4 fs4gs4a4 eb4b4fs4gs4 fs4gs4a4)

(gen-chord2 4 '(4 3) row :offset '(2 3 -2) :transpose '(0 6 1 13))
=> (e4eb4b4fs4 c5d5eb5 e4c5g4a4 g5a5bb5)

(gen-chord2 4 '(4 3) row
            :offset '(2 3 -2)
            :transpose '(0 6 1 13)
            :rnd-octaves t)
=> (e2eb2b1fs2 c2d2eb2 e2c2g2a1 g6a6bb6)

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