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integer-to-pitch bug?

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I just discovered that (from the doc for integer-to-pitch)

(integer-to-pitch '((-2 -1) 0 (1 2)))
=> (bb3b3 c4 cs4d4)


(integer-to-pitch '((-2 -1) (0 2) (1 2)))
=> ((bb3 b3) (c4 d4) (cs4 d4))


Unless at least one element is not a sublist, it fails to make chords. This seems inconsistent, and probably a bug.

This is in Opusmodus Version 1.3.24962

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No bug, there is a way to get the result you are looking for. If your list are lists only and you expect to get chords only then place the lists in additional list:

(integer-to-pitch '(((-2 -1) (0 2) (1 2))))
=> ((bb3b3 c4d4 cs4d4))


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That's good to know, and is simpler than my current workaround (add a 0 to the front of the list, then drop the leading c4 from the result).


Do you consider the inconsistency of the integer-to-pitch results a bug?

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> Do you consider the inconsistency of the integer-to-pitch results a bug?

I cannot speak for Janusz, but for me the format of the result makes sense. If there are individual values in the integer pitch list it is assume that the overall result is considered flat and hence sublists are chords. If everything is nested, then sublists are considered bars and the nesting is preserved.
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