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User-defined non-sticky articulations?

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Some attributes are sticky (they do not need to be repeated to maintain being set, and when they are repeated they are not shown again in the score) -- while others are not. For example, the articulation pizz is sticky, while stacc is not.


It seems that add-text-attributes declares only sticky attributes. Is it perhaps possible to also have custom non-sticky attributes? For example, want to annotate  certain motif or phrase names, and if I repeat the same motif the text label is not shown again.


Just in case this is already possible...


Thank you! 




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Thanks for coming back. Here is a little demo example snippet. This example shows a very simple motif and its repetition. I would like to annotate some motif label (I will use such labels also for segmenting parts for further processing -- that works fine).

 ;; motif start signs
 '(m1 "m1")
 '(m2 "m2")
 '(m3 "m3")
 '(m4 "m4")
 '(m5 "m5")
 '(m6 "m6")
 '(m7 "m7")
 '(m8 "m8")
 '(m9 "m9")
 '(m10 "m10") )

'(q c4 m1+leg d4 q c4 m1+leg d4)


By contrast, the attribute num1 behaves differently. 

'(q c4 num1+leg d4 q c4 num1+leg d4)


I would like to be able to define custom text-attributes that behave like num1 and friends.


Thanks again!  (If I am the only one who wants such a feature this does not need to have high priority :)


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Implemented in version 1.3.24912



Attributes with optional :non-sticky type:

 ;; motif start signs
 '(m1 "m1" :non-sticky)
 '(m2 "m2" :non-sticky)
 '(m3 "m3" :non-sticky)
 ;; strings
'(am-steg "am steg") ; sticky
'(ruhig "ruhig")

'(q c4 m1+leg d4 q c4 m1+leg d4)



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