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text-attributes above rests (or how to number events)

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short question: is it possible to add a text-attribute to/above a rest? i didn't find a solution for that...


for post-editing my score i would like to delete/augment/... specific values... for example: AUGMENT rest number 12, or DELETE pitch number 27 (like every EVENT woud has its number) - to do that i numbered all the pitches in the score, but seems not possible to number (by adding text-attributes) the rest-values?? 


it's no problem to extend the EVENTS by any extra-data-slots (i wrote such a function), but i don't know how to display text above RESTS?


thanx for help



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It seems that some attributes (e.g., the pause/fermata sign) can be assigned to rests, but not all.


'(-q -q fermata -h)


It might make sense that some attributes cannot be assigned to a rest, e.g., the following instead creates an additional note.


'(-q -q stacc -h)


However, I would agree that it would be useful to be able to assign user-defined attributes to rests.





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