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Found 3 results

  1. Rangarajan

    Quicklisp Issue

    Hi, I know support for quicklisp is not expected of this forum, but in case someone has found a fix, I would appreciate the insight. I installed quicklisp without any problem. But when I try to install "drakma" library (via console), I am getting this error: -------------- ? (ql:quickload "drakma") To load "drakma": Load 1 ASDF system: drakma ; Loading "drakma" Read error between positions 66 and 163 in /Users/Rangarajan/quicklisp/dists/quicklisp/software/usocket- > Error: Foreign function not found: x86-darwin64::|gethostname| > While executing: ccl::load-external-function, in process Listener-1(7). > Type cmd-. to abort, cmd-\ for a list of available restarts. > Type :? for other options. --------------- Regards, Rangarajan
  2. Following from this question, I want to use several different Lisp packages through quicklisp, but I can't get the installation to work correctly. After doing some digging, I found out that the path to quicklisp is not defined correctly. This is the content of the ql:*quicklisp-home* global: > ql:*quicklisp-home* #P"/Users/opusmodus/quicklisp/" I realised that changing this manually doesn't fix the issue, and because of this I can't install or use quicklisp correctly. Note that I do not have a user by the name opusmodus and creating that directory with my user's permission does not fix it. I managed to do something by using SBCL as my own user to load and install quicklisp, and then in opusmodus use the following: (load #p"/Users/ajf-/quicklisp/setup.lisp") But it's actually a workaround and it's not very reliable (also gives an error sometimes). Can you please point me in the right direction? Thank you very much
  3. For programmers and developers Install the Quicklisp beta library manager. Evaluate: (load "http://beta.quicklisp.org/quicklisp.lisp") To continue, evaluate: (quicklisp-quickstart:install) Place the attached file 'Quicklisp Start.lisp' file into your ~/Opusmodus/Extensions folder. Edit the file and add the libraries you like to load. Example: (ql:quickload "ieee-floats") (ql:quickload "osc") About Quicklisp Beta Note: Opusmodus has its own init file and is not loading the ccl.init.lisp file at the start. Quicklisp installation and its use is not a part of the Opusmodus support. This post is mainly for programmers and developers that already know how to use the Quicklisp libraries. Additional installation: Post from Bill St. Clair: # In a shell cd mkdir ccl cd ccl svn co http://svn.clozure.com/publicsvn/openmcl//release/1.11/darwin-x86-headers64 Quicklisp Start.lisp