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Found 2 results

  1. Dear All, I have a little suggestion for workflow. 1) A simple context menu button (or some way) to open the XML snippet in other software. Like right-clicking on the snippet and have an option (OS based option) like "open with" (musescore, finale, sibelius, etc) This could be useful for collecting material for a piece to be edited outside Opusmodus. I personally use Musescore with my students. It's free, open and runs windows and mac. I also use Finale for myself. This simple options could solve the problem of the audition of many different snippets. 2) Another (much more complex) idea would be when click over each snippet to have a play panel, similar to the live coding panel (with play/stop button, tempo, volume, maybe sound and channel assigment , according to the number of staves, etc... This could be handy. Best, Julio added 2 minutes later Like this (when clicking over the snipett inside Opusmodus:
  2. All of us, as Opusmodus users, know the possibility to compose a piece with multiples sections and assemble later. We can use the ASSEMBLE-SEQ function in our piece for assemble some material and sections, but we also can use COMPILE-SCORE with multiple pre-defined scores assembled in one COMPILE-SCORE instruction this way: (compile-score '( score1 score2 score3 etc. ) ) This is a very convenient way for assembling multiple sections as multiple score. i put this instructions in a separate file named COMPILE-SCORE and all other section-score in files named S1, S2, S3.... But when the piece grown, you can have many score files in you workspace navigator to evaluate before compiling the full score. In that case, i add a last file named LoadAll. opmo containing the following instruction for load and read in one time all my section's scores: (mapcar 'load '( "/Users/yourUserName/Opusmodus/Scores/S1.opmo" ;; S1 for section1, s2 for section2 and so on... "/Users/yourUserName/Opusmodus/Scores/S2.opmo" "/Users/yourUserName/Opusmodus/Scores/S3.opmo" "/Users/yourUserName/Opusmodus/Scores/S4.opmo" "/Users/yourUserName/Opusmodus/Scores/S5.opmo" "/Users/yourUserName/Opusmodus/Scores/S6.opmo" "/Users/yourUserName/Opusmodus/Scores/S7.opmo" "/Users/yourUserName/Opusmodus/Scores/S8.opmo" )) Attached to this post, 2 pictures of one of my workspace showing the organisation of the files. SB.
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