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Found 2 results

  1. I'm studying the Orchestral Example code from Opusmodus documentation. After changing the original melodic source (setf solo => setf elvis), compiling solovar1 and solovar2 functions produce error messages more than half the time. Does anyone know how to fix that? Thank you! ;;; MELODY ;; Basic melodic material (setf elvis (gen-repeat 2 '((h f4 c5) (h f4 -q e g4 a4) (h bb4 a4) (h g4 -q -e c4) (h d4 e4) (h f4 3h g4 a4 bb4) (h a4 g4 w f4) ))) (setf frag1 (gen-loop 14 (list (rnd-pick '(2 3 1 4)) (rnd-pick '(2 3))))) (setf frag2 (gen-loop 14 (list (rnd-pick '(2 3 1 4)) (rnd-pick '(2 3))))) ;; Melodic variations (setf solovar1 (gen-fragment frag1 elvis)) (setf solovar2 (gen-fragment frag2 elvis)) Here's one of the error messages: Error: Function nthcdr expected a non-negative integer, got -1. 1 (abort) Return to top loop level 0. Type :b for backtrace or :c <option number> to proceed. Type :bug-form "<subject>" for a bug report template or :? for other options.
  2. Hi, is there a possibility to mark a function in the composer and look up it's description/documentation directly with a shortcut in the utilities panel (s. screenshot) ? Achim
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