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  1. Wonderful. Thank you for recording the session. Was not able to attend the live session today so this is great. Thanks!
  2. Thank you Stephane for these sessions and resources. We each have our individual composition goals and OpusModus is a great tool to help address our challenges. Understanding how to effectively apply OpusModus to take on our challenges requires insight and experience and your generosity to share your process is invaluable. We can glean so much from this lesson. Thank you for including the recordings of the session.
  3. Wonderful session Stephane. Thank you. The iac.lisp references the ":sound 'gm" general midi sound set. If I have set up my own sound-set, e.g. bbco, and call our ":sound 'bbco" will my articulations be invoked? I'll give it a try, but thought I would ask in any case. Thanks again for these sessions. They are so valuable and I hope your recording worked and can be posted so others may enjoy and we may review.
  4. Thank you Stéphane for the excellent session. It is helpful and inspiring to see how you compose an entire piece.
  5. oh neat; thanks for the reply! (get-sound-set-program-group 'gm (car (get-sound-set-program-groups 'gm))) fun
  6. Hi @Stephane Boussuge, I'm new to OpusModus and the Saturday morning sessions have been great for getting up to speed; thanks! I have been able to apply your lesson on def-sound-set to control Spitfire's bbcso library; hurrah I'm wondering about the def-sound-set plist :group <name> (eg :group strings legato (cc32 0) tremolo (cc32 1) ...). In my def-score, I can use :program '(legato tremolo) but what about the :group <name>? Is there any use of <name> other than perhaps documenting the collection of program assignments? Thanks!
  7. Great, thanks! fwiw: here is how it is handled by noteflight notes: https://notes.noteflight.com/nfbehindthenotation-pickup-bars/
  8. I am trying to write an OpusModus script to capture this Bach Chorale: http://bach-chorales.com/BWV0001_6.htm The chorale starts with a single quarter pick-up note (anacruses) and ends with a 3 beat final bar. Is there any way to capture this annotation? Thanks!
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