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    terekita reacted to opmo in make-omn and ties   
    you could use tie-bars function:
    (setf lens '((e = = =) (e = = =))) (setf notes '((c4 d4 = =) (d4 g4 = =))) (tie-bars (make-omn :length lens :pitch notes)) => ((e c4 mf d4 d4 d4 tie) (e d4 mf g4 g4 g4)) section or exclude options allows you to control which bars you like to tie.
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    terekita got a reaction from JulioHerrlein in Interval vector   
    I'm aware of pcs-analysis (which prints data), but I'm looking for a way to collect lists of Forte-style interval vectors into a data structure in order to query them for similarity and difference. Something like:
    (get-interval-vector '3-1)
    -> (2 1 0 0 0 0)
    Is there an easy way to do this?
    thanks, Michael