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i didn't find a OM-library-solution for this kind of thing, so i coded it...


if you want to REPLACE the articulation of some specific pitches. perhaps all 'd4 sould be PONTE... you could use this.

it was necessary to code it like that, because otherwise you get in trouble with the empty parameter-slots...


should work fine





(defun eliminate-nil (alist)
  (loop for i in alist
    when (not (null i))
    collect i))

(defun complete-event-slots (omn-list)
  (let ((omn-art (omn :articulation (single-events (flatten omn-list)))))
     (omn-replace :articulation (flatten 
                                 (eliminate-nil (loop for i in omn-art
                                                  for cnt = 0 then (incf cnt)
                                                  when (equal (car i) '-)
                                                  collect (nth (1- cnt) omn-art)
                                                  else collect i)))

;(complete-event-slots '(5q a4 ff pizz 5q e3 -e 5q a4 f))


(defun replace-articulation-of-a-pitch (omn-list &key pitches articulation (chance 1.0))
  (loop for i in (complete-event-slots (flatten omn-list))
    when (and (member (car (omn :pitch i)) pitches)
              (prob? chance))
    append (omn-component-replace i (list articulation))
    else append i))

(replace-articulation-of-a-pitch '(5q a4 ff pizz 5q e3 p -q 5q d4 pizz)
                                 :pitches '(a4 d4) 
                                 :articulation 'ponte
                                 :chance 1.0)

-> (5q a4 ff ponte 5q e3 p pizz -q 5q d4 p ponte)


Edited by AM
missing subfunction, now changed
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