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replace-pitch-by-sequence (with overwrite) - version1

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here is a first version => replaces a PITCH by a sequence - overwriting the "old seq" - not very easy to CODE/understand how to do it :-)

take a look an perhaps you have some more/better/extending ideas... a better way to solve the problems?



;;; --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
;;; --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(defun get-resolution (seq pattern)
  (let ((val))
      (setq val (loop for i in (single-events seq)
                  when (pattern-matchp i pattern)
                  collect (denominator (car (omn :length i)))))
      (cond ((memberp (car val) '(3 6 12 24 48))
            ((memberp (car val) '(2 4 8 16 32))
            ((memberp (car val) '(5 10 20 40))
            ((memberp (car val) '(7 14 28 56))

(defun replace-pitch-by-sequence (seq pitch insert)
  (let ((resolution (get-resolution seq pitch)))
      (loop repeat (length (omn-to-time-signature seq (list (numerator resolution) (denominator resolution))))
        for cnt = 0 then (incf cnt)
        with new-seq = (omn-to-time-signature seq (list (numerator resolution) (denominator resolution)))
        with insert-rounded = (append insert 
                                      (rest (length-rational-quantize
                                             (list (apply '+ (omn :length insert)))
                                             :round resolution)))
        when (pattern-matchp (nth cnt new-seq) pitch) collect insert-rounded
        and do (incf cnt (/ (apply '+ (abs! (omn :length insert-rounded))) resolution))
        collect (nth cnt new-seq))))))

;;; --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
;;; --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(setf seq '(3q cs5 c5 b4 q c4 d4 e. e4 s f4 h g4))

(setf omn-new (replace-pitch-by-sequence seq 
                                         (list (rnd-pick (omn :pitch seq))) ;; for tests: takes rnd-pitches
                                         (rnd-pick '((t gs5 g5 fs5 f5 e5)   ;; for tests: takes rnd-inserts
                                                     (q gs5 -e e gs5) 
                                                     (3q gs5 tie  q gs5) 
                                                     (s gs5 tie  q gs5)))))
(setf omn-old seq)

;;; --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(def-score test
           (:title "test"
                   :key-signature 'atonal
                   :time-signature '(4 4)
                   :tempo 90
                   :layout (bracket-group 
                            (treble-layout 'new)
                            (treble-layout 'old)))

   :omn omn-new ;; OMN with iNSERT
   :channel 1
   :port 1
   :sound 'gm
   :program 'acoustic-grand-piano)

   :omn omn-old ;; OMN without iNSERT
   :channel 1
   :port 1
   :sound 'gm
   :program 'acoustic-grand-piano))


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why is such an overwrite-function so usefull.... (also with no PM or ...)?



for example: you have coded some music but you would overwrite the last two quaternotes of bar  5 in the violin.... !?


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