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Lumatone Keyboard integration with Opusmodus

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Is there a possibility that the Isomorphic Lumatone keyboard could be integrated with Opusmodus functions and programs? I am considering buying one and would love to see what it could do with Opusmodus powering the composing algorithms!

umatone boasts 280 illuminated, velocity sensitive hexagonal keys, and each comes armed with polyphonic aftertouch,

Lumatone boasts 280 illuminated, velocity sensitive hexagonal keys, and each comes armed with polyphonic aftertouch, continuous controllers, and Lumatouch™ expression mode. 

Each key can be individually programmed for expression mode, MIDI note number and channel, and key colour. Easily turn Lumatone into a vast multi-instrumental master controller. Or, map it with colourized isomorphic layouts, microtonal tunings, or harmonic tables. 



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I assume you want to use the Lumatone for entering microtonal pitches into Opusmodus, right? The Opusmodus pitch representation currently supports microtonal pitches, but only subdivisions of 12 EDO into quarter and eighth notes. I don't know whether MIDI input for quarter and eighth notes is supported. If it is, then you might be able to hack some mapping of the Lumatone MIDI output to whatever MIDI input Opusmodus would require for the subset of microtonal pitches it supports. I understand that one can freely program whatever MIDI the Lumatone should output for a given key, so if Opusmodus has whatever MIDI input support for its microtonal pitches, you might be able to hack your instrument to output that, but you are most likely on your own there.


However, Opusmodus cannot even represent microtonal pitches beyond the above. It cannot represent arbitrary equal divisions of the octave, and certainly no other tunings (e.g., no JI or arbitrary regular temperaments). At some stage I was extending its representation in a private project to support arbitrary regular temperaments, so that I could express, e.g., just intonation intervals in my extended OMN (incomplete state of this work at https://github.com/tanders/tot/blob/master/sources/tuning.lisp). However, I did not add any MIDI input mapping for that at all.  


If however you want to use the Lumatone simply for playing 12-EDO music with an isomorphic keyboard, then I guess it can output the standard MIDI output for that and I assume that Opusmodus could then handle that like the MIDI input from any other keyboard.


BTW: I have another isomorphic keyboard here myself, but instead of using that I meanwhile moved to using MTS-ESP (https://oddsound.com) to always have some subset of my desired microtonal pitches available at any time, and to change this subset by MIDI events if I want to. Not as flexible as an isomorphic keyboard, but not too bad as an option either, and I stay compatible with all the software limited to mere 12-EDO (that software does not need to "know" I "misuse" it for microtonal purposes 😉 ). 


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