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OM2 and Emacs

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I've just started with OM2 and I'm finding the emacs/slime setup a touch confusing (there has obviously been lots of work on this part of OM over the years of this forum). Basically, I run my current emacs setup with an exisiting slime setup (I do some dev work using SBCL). Is there a "correct" way of adding or modifying  emacs-opusmodus.el to work with an existing setup? Or can I simply copy it, and hack it as needed?


TIA and loving OM 🙂


.. m.

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Okay, it works easily and well with my setup: simply copy the "emacs-opusmodus.el" into your local quicklisp directory and modify Emacs's init.el to add


(load (expand-file-name "$HOME/quicklisp/emacs-opusmodus.el"))


This allows me to run up a REPL against SBCL (M-x slime) or against OM (M-x slime-connect)

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