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texting in live-coding ...an idea

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;;; ...an idea

;;; how to import some TEXT and translate it to integer-sequences to use this data
;;; for LIVE-CODING. also possible without .txt, but i tried to IMPORT it. perhaps
;;; in your live-coding session a friend of you is writing the text in a different
;;; location and you could share it (the path) via CLOUD :-D
;;; i know, this kind of data... is not very smart, but a little bit steam-punky :-)

(defparameter *map-integer1*
  '(((a à á â ã ä å æ ą) 0)
    (b 1)
    ((c ç ć) 2)
    (d 3)
    ((e è é ê ë ę) 4)
    (f 5)
    (g 6)
    (h 7)
    ((i ì î ï) 8)
    (j 9)
    (k 10)
    ((l ł) 11)
    (m 12)
    ((n ñ ń) 13)
    ((o ò ó ô õ ö) 14)
    (p 15)
    (q 16)
    (r 17)
    ((s ś ß) 18)
    (t 19)
    ((u ù ú û ü) 20)
    (v 21)
    (w 22)
    (x 23)
    ((y ý ÿ) 24)
    ((z ż ź) 25)))

;;; 1) open/write a .txt-file
;;; 2) define your path (inside the loop)
;;; 3) start the loop 
;;; 4) write/change your .txt, and SAVE it
;;; => every 2 seconds it will be read by the code

(loop repeat 60
  do (progn
       (print (progn
                (setf x (string-to-list (let ((in (open "/Users/meierandre/Desktop/test.txt"))) ;; use your own path!!
                                          (read-line in))))
                (text-map *map-integer1* (loop for i in x append (explode i)))))
       (print x))

  do (sleep 2)) ;;; every 2 seconds the loop is reading your .txt, change variable x and PRINT it


for this example i used PRINT (so you see what is happening), but you could also "rewrite" a variable inside your sound-live-coding-CODE/FUNCTION




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