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Opusmodus folder (User Utilities)

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Home directory -> Opusmodus folder


In the home directory you will find - Opusmodus folder. The Extensions folder is the folder where you can add your own source code files. The contents of the folder will load at the startup. Anything dropped into the Documents folder (pdf, images, audio, etc…) will display in the Utilities panel and will be ready for display in the Assistant panel. The same applies with the MIDI folder, here you can put all your collections of midi files which you then can access and play or convert to OMN notation in the workspace window. The Def-Libraries folder is for your midi sound sets (instruments) setups and for your libraries. The Scores folder is the folder where you put and store your scores. In other words, the Opusmodus folder is your Utilities access display.

I hope that OMN will help composers to get started, by using the system. Algorithms alone can be intimidating. To explore the OMN grammar quickly, you can also check the Snippets.opmo file which you’ll find in the Howto’s folder in the Documents panel (second button) and the 'OMN - The Language’ documents.

The System Function documentation you will find in the Utilities panel on the right (first button). I suggest using contextual menu (right click or ctrl and click) on the Utilities, Assistant and Composer panels - the CM menu is essential.

One of the special functionalities in Utilities is the ability to open a few files at once (same title, different format). For example in the Stages Tutorial Guide you will find two formats of docs; one is a score and the other one is a doc. If you click on one of them and choose 'Open All Related', both files will open. If there are more then 2 files (Stage 30) then all three will open.

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