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Lisp function for stopping playback?

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What is the Lisp function for stopping playback (bound to the shortcut cmd-esc)? 


... I could never add a custom keyboard shortcut to the Opusmodus text editor Hemlock (and I tried), but I just managed adding keyboard shortcuts and a menu for playing Opusmodus snippets and my polyphonic score format to Emacs (thanks to the fact that scores now can be displayed in a separate window). Only need some key for stopping playback as well.


(The main thing I will then miss when using Emacs as the Opusmodus IDE is the close integration of the document, but well, you cannot have everything 🙂  On the plus side, I have a more stable editor and in particular a very good debugger.)





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Brilliant. Now my most-used Opusmodus shortcuts also work in Emacs. That helps my workflow a lot!  Thanks!! 


Could you perhaps also share some example of one of the Opusmodus keyboard shortcut definitions (e.g., something like OMN Audition). Then I could hopefully use that to define a shortcut for starting playback with my custom score data structure in Opusmodus. It does not matter if that example definition would be complex and you do not need to provide any user-friendly abstraction. Just some example code would help a lot.


Thanks again!




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