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respell/enharmonic change

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is there an RESPELL-function which would change sharps into flats and flats into sharps for single pitch-values? enharmonic changes....




(enharmonic 'cs4)
=> db4

(enharmonic 'db4)
=> cs4


but there is an other solution for an EQUALP* whicht is "independent" from pitch-name (enharmonic)... but a function like ENHARMONIC or EQUALP* could be useful (for pattern-match etc)...


(defun equalp* (a b)
  (equal (pitch-to-midi a) (pitch-to-midi b)))

(equalp* 'cs4 'db4)
=> t


there is an EQUALP in the system (but not documented), and works like that

(equalp 'cs4 'db4)
=> nil

(equalp 'cs4 'cs4)
=> t




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EQUALP is part of the Common Lisp standard. You can find its documentation at  



Note that Common Lisp has a whole zoo of equality comparison functions, see eq, eql, equal, =, string=, string-equal, char=, char-equal in that documentation




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here is a solution for that (i hope i got all cases) - could be usefull in OPMO - it was/is a explode/compress-thing of the pitch-symbols and to think about all cases. please check it!!




(defun enharmonic* (pitches)
  (let ((liste '((cs db)
                 (ds eb)
                 (e fb)
                 (es f)
                 (fs gb)
                 (gs ab)
                 (as bb)
                 (b cb)
                 (bs c))))

    (loop for n in pitches
      collect (let ((octave (car (last (explode n))))
                    (pitchname (compress (butlast  (explode n)))))
                (append (compress (list (car (set-difference 
                                              (loop for i in liste
                                                ;; cases with octave-change
                                                when (or (and (equal i '(bs c))
                                                              (equal pitchname 'bs))
                                                         (and (equal i '(b cb))
                                                              (equal pitchname 'b)))
                                                do (setf octave (1+ octave))
                                                when (or (and (equal i '(bs c))
                                                              (equal pitchname 'c))
                                                         (and (equal i '(b cb))
                                                              (equal pitchname 'cb)))
                                                do (setf octave (1- octave))
                                              ;; ordinary cases
                                              when (member pitchname i)
                                              append i) 
                                            (list pitchname)))


(enharmonic* '(fb4 fb4 cb5))
=> (e4 e4 b4)

(enharmonic* '(f4 b7))
=> (es4 cb8)

(enharmonic* '(bs4 cs5 cb5))
=> (c5 db5 b4)

(enharmonic* '(c6 gs7 gb4))
=> (bs5 ab7 fs4)


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Maybe a Kind of Substitute map function could be useful

something like

I did it to interval substitution, to transform interval ( 0 - 11) to interval classes (0 - 6)

(replace-map '((-11 1) (-10 2) (-9 3) (-8 4) (-7 5) (7 -5) (8 -4) (9 -3)(10 -2)(11 -1)) '(1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13))

Maybe a kind of mapping to tonalities could be useful.

Respell to tonality function


respell-to-collection '( pitch list)

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