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Found 1 result

  1. Hello i tried to have a function who could move one atom or a list anyplace in another list , but now i would like to have the options to move this atom or list with or without parenthesis , see option a option b option a2 option b2 . I have no idea how i can implement several result options in a function , could you please explain me how to do that Thank you Patrick her are the functions i'd use as helping functions (defun list-diff (L1 L2) (cond ((null L1) nil) ((null (member (first L1) L2)) (cons (first L1) (list-diff (rest L1) L2))) (t (list-diff (rest L1) L2)) ) ) (defun hasSublistp (lst) (cond ((null lst) nil) ((listp (first lst)) t) (t (hasSublistp (rest lst))))) This is the final one (defun consxp (rang item lis ) (setq oldlist lis) (setq newlist ( nthcdr rang oldlist )) (setq litem (list item)) (cond ( ( and ( listp item ) (hassublistp oldlist )) ; OPTION A (append (list-diff oldlist newlist ) (list item) (nthcdr rang oldlist ))) ; OPTION B (append (list-diff oldlist newlist ) item (nthcdr rang oldlist ))) (( and ( atom item ) (hassublistp oldlist )) ; OPTION A2 (append (list-diff oldlist newlist ) (cons (list item) (nthcdr rang oldlist )))) ; OPTION B2 (append (list-diff oldlist newlist ) (cons item (nthcdr rang oldlist )))) (( listp item ) (append (list-diff oldlist newlist ) item (nthcdr rang oldlist ))) (( atom item ) (append (list-diff oldlist newlist ) (cons item (nthcdr rang oldlist )))))) ; ( consxp 2 '( a d a) '(a (d) c )) option a ) for example
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