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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I'm Yuichi. I don't know if there was anyone else who already did similar things or not, but I would like to share the way I achieved the continuously self-evaluating program. I actually made a video of it and hopefully I can post it here but I'll paste the code down here anyway, too. CODE wrap the whole music with a function named "evalAll (better name should be applied): (defun evalAll () (setf pitch (integer-to-pitch (rnd-row))) (setf len (span pitch '(s))) (setf omn (make-omn :pitch pitch :length len)) (def-score 12-tone (:key-signature 'atonal
  2. Hi, Is there a way to send midi-clock out ? For the live-coding instrument this would be a great advantage. Also, when using multiple workspaces, like in the youtube live coding instrument example, the different live coded instruments could be in sync. Best Regards, Dago
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