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  1. Dago

  2. Font And Colors

    Dear Janusz, Thank you. Much appreciated. Best regards,
  3. Font And Colors

    HI Opmo, Any progress on this topic ? Would be wonderful for my screencasts. Thanks, Dago
  4. midi-clock

    Ok. Super. Do you know when V.2 is expected ? Best Dago
  5. midi-clock

    Hi, Is there a way to send midi-clock out ? For the live-coding instrument this would be a great advantage. Also, when using multiple workspaces, like in the youtube live coding instrument example, the different live coded instruments could be in sync. Best Regards, Dago
  6. Hello all, Is it possible to send midi clock from the live coding instrument ? That would be very useful. Best, Dago
  7. Font And Colors

    Super ! thanks. Regards
  8. Hello, I would like to set the color of the normal font to white or green so I can use a black background and have a night hacking modus. Is that possible ? The preferences show only color adjustment for special symbols. Kind Regards, Dago Sondervan