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Found 3 results

  1. I want to trim every full-duration measure so that it always first starts with a quarter note and fills the rest of the measure with corresponding rests. For example, is it's possible to consider an omn sequence like the one below and trim the durations so that every (firtst) note in a measure is a quarter note followed by a quarter note rest (in 1/4) or a quarter note followed by an eight-note rest (in 3/8)? Thank you! ((e. e3) (e. e3) (q g3) (e. d3) (q a3))
  2. could be an interesting idea for OPMO? (or already existing?) greetings andré ;;; a function (a sketch - i needed it for my momentary work) which filters ;;; an OMN-sequence in a specific bar, from a specific beat, with a specific ;;; span. (in such a basic version all in quarters (bars/...)) (defun copy-omn-seq (omnseq bar/beat-list &key (measure '(4/4)) (span nil)) (loop for i in bar/beat-list collect (loop repeat (if (null span) (- (/ (car measure) 1/4) (1- (cadr i))) span) for x = (1- (cadr i)) then (incf x) append (nth x (omn-to-measure (nth (1- (car i)) (omn-to-measure omnseq measure)) '(1/4)))))) (setf mat '((e c4 cs4 d4 ds4 e4 f4 fs4 g4) (e c3 cs3 d3 ds3 e3 f3 fs3 g3) (e c6 cs6 d6 ds6 e6 f6 fs6 g6))) (copy-omn-seq mat '((2 3))) ;; bar 2 from beat 3 until end of bar => ((e e3 f3 e fs3 g3)) (copy-omn-seq mat '((1 1)) :span 2) ;; bar 1 from beat 1 for 2 quarters => ((e c4 cs4 e d4 ds4)) (copy-omn-seq mat '((1 2) (2 3) (3 4))) ;; same thing with more then ONE filterings => ((e d4 ds4 e e4 f4 e fs4 g4) (e e3 f3 e fs3 g3) (e fs6 g6)) (copy-omn-seq mat '((1 2) (2 3) (3 4)) :span 1) ;; same - every filtering with span 1 => ((e d4 ds4) (e e3 f3) (e fs6 g6))
  3. a sieve/filter-function - filters specific INTERVALS and replacing the others by rests. (don't work perfect, but as a sketch....) ;;; (defun equal/or (n alist) (car (loop for i in alist when (equal i n) collect 't))) ;;; FUNCTION (defun filter-omn-by-intervals (omn-seq intervals) (setf omn-seq (loop with omn-events = (single-events omn-seq) with i = 0 while (not (null (nth i omn-events))) when (equal/or (car (pitch-to-interval (append (omn :pitch (nth i omn-events)) (omn :pitch (nth (1+ i) omn-events))))) intervals) collect (list (nth i omn-events) (nth (1+ i) omn-events)) and do (incf i 2) else collect (neg! (car (omn :length (nth i omn-events)))) and do (incf i)))) ;;; EXAMPLE (setf basic-omn-seq (make-omn :pitch (vector-to-pitch '(c4 c6) (gen-white-noise 100 :type :logistic)) :length '(t) :span :pitch)) ;;; check out all these filter-tests (setf omn-seq (filter-omn-by-intervals basic-omn-seq '(1 2 3))) ;(setf omn-seq (filter-omn-by-intervals basic-omn-seq '(3 -3))) ;(setf omn-seq (filter-omn-by-intervals basic-omn-seq '(1 -1 5 -5 7 -7))) (def-score example (:title "example" :key-signature 'atonal :time-signature '(4 4) :tempo 90) (instrument1 :omn (flatten omn-seq) :channel 1 :sound 'gm-piano) (instrument2 :omn (flatten basic-omn-seq) :velocity 20 :channel 3 :sound 'gm-piano)) here is a more complex example (defvar library) (defvar abfolge) (defvar omn-seq) (defvar rhy) (defvar field) ;;;library + rhy -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (setf rhy 44) ;;; LIBRARY MIRT RHY-PAAREN! (setf library (list '(eb5 5 p mute) '(e4 5 mf mute) '(gs4 3 f mute) '(g5 3 ppp mute) '(f6 2 p mute) '(cs4 1 f mute) '(d5 1 fff mute) '(b3 4 pppp mute) '(bb5 4 mp mute) '(a4 3 pp mute) '(fs3 (2 7) ppp mute) '(c6 (1 11) mp mute))) (setf library (loop for i in library collect (append (list (car i)) (if (listp (cadr i)) (gen-length (list (rnd-pick (cadr i))) rhy) (gen-length (list (cadr i)) rhy)) (filter-last 2 i)))) ;;; gen seq from library/abfolge--------------------------------------------------------------- (setf field '(eb5 e4 gs4 g5 f6 cs4 d5 b3 bb5 a4 fs3 c6)) (setf abfolge (pick-norepeat 500 field)) (setf omn-seq (loop for x in abfolge with y do (setf y (assoc x library)) append (append (reverse (filter-first 2 y)) (filter-last 2 y)))) (setf basic-omn-seq omn-seq) (setf omn-seq (filter-omn-by-intervals basic-omn-seq '(1 -1 11 -11 13 -13 4 -4 8 -8 16 -16 20 -20 28 -28 32 -32 7 -7 19 -19))) ;;;--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (def-score example2 (:title "example2" :key-signature 'atonal :time-signature '(4 4) :tempo 90) (instrument :omn (flatten omn-seq) :channel 1 :sound 'gm-piano) (hidden-structure :omn (flatten basic-omn-seq) :channel 1 :velocity 0 :sound 'gm-piano)) ;;;--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (omn-list-plot (flatten omn-seq) :join-points t)
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