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Found 2 results

  1. could be an interesting idea for OPMO? (or already existing?) greetings andré ;;; a function (a sketch - i needed it for my momentary work) which filters ;;; an OMN-sequence in a specific bar, from a specific beat, with a specific ;;; span. (in such a basic version all in quarters (bars/...)) (defun copy-omn-seq (omnseq bar/beat-list &key (measure '(4/4)) (span nil)) (loop for i in bar/beat-list collect (loop repeat (if (null span) (- (/ (car measure) 1/4) (1- (cadr i))) span) for x = (1- (cad
  2. a sieve/filter-function - filters specific INTERVALS and replacing the others by rests. (don't work perfect, but as a sketch....) ;;; (defun equal/or (n alist) (car (loop for i in alist when (equal i n) collect 't))) ;;; FUNCTION (defun filter-omn-by-intervals (omn-seq intervals) (setf omn-seq (loop with omn-events = (single-events omn-seq) with i = 0 while (not (null (nth i omn-events))) when (equal/or (car (pitch-to-interval (append (omn :pitch (nth i omn-events)) (o
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