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Found 1 result

  1. Hello! The example below has been taking several minutes to compile, eventually crashing Opusmodus. Would someone be willing to look at the code and let me know what's causing this? Thank you so much! (setf pattern1 (length-augmentation 2'((-h. q g4) (q. g4 e e4 q e4 -q) (-h. q g4) (q. g4 e d4 q d4 -q) (-h. q e4) (q f4 g4 a4 b4) (h. g4 -q)))) (setf pattern1a (length-augmentation 3 '((-h. q g4) (q. g4 e e4 q e4 -q) (-h. q g4) (q. g4 e d4 q d4 -q)))) (setf scale '(c4 eb4 f4 g4 ab4)) (setf pattern1-scale (tonality-map '(scale :map octave :closest up) pattern1)) (setf pattern1a-scale (tonality-map '(scale :map octave :closest up) pattern1a)) (setf voicesA (counterpoint (list pattern1-scale pattern1-scale pattern1a-scale) '(((1 2 3) :methods ( (dl1) (r dl1 t-12 pr1) (d1 t-24 pr1) ) )))) (ps 'gm :hn (list (1~ voicesA)) :tbn (list (2~ voicesA)) :tbn (list (3~ voicesA)) :time-signature '(4 4) )
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