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    Language: English, French, Italian and German
    © MMXXI Opusmodus™ Ltd. All rights reserved.

    Requirements: macOS 10.9 - 11.6 (Intel).


    Autumn Sale - 30% Discount

    Personal Licence

    399.00 EUR
    279.30 EUR


    Academic Licence

    250.00 EUR
    175.00 EUR

    Academic Licence


    To qualify for the student discount, you must be currently enrolled in a school and have valid identification. Expired identification will not be accepted. For fixed or permanent license, we will need a copy of the identification emailed to sales at opusmodus.com as a small image (maximum size 500 pixels wide). Photos may be taken by camera, phone, or computer.



    To qualify for the teacher discount, you must hold a higher education faculty credentials. You  will need to send a copy of the credentials, identification, or a letter from a department head. E-mail your teacher credentials/ID to sales at opusmodus.com as a small image (maximum size 500 pixels wide). Photos may be taken by camera, phone, or computer. This discount is not available to people who teach occasional workshops.

    Upgrade to Opusmodus version 2.2

    99.00 EUR

    Opusmodus 2.2 requires a new licence number to run. When purchasing the upgrade the current user will need to provide an Opusmodus 1.0 - 2.1 licence number.



    Before opening the new application you need to delete the Opusmodus folder. Make sure you save your personal files (scores, docs etc...) before. After you have deleted the Opusmodus user folder you can start the new application. At the start Opusmodus will ask you for permission to create a new user folder in your home directory, if you don’t see a window for it, it means the old folder is still on your computer. Make sure the new Opusmodus folder is installed in your home directory.


  • Books

    Fundamentals of composition
    with Opusmodus - Book 1

    ISBN 9791280270047

    This is the first volume of a series of publications specifically dedicated to composition and analysis of music using the Opusmodus system. This volume focuses on the basic elements of the system and on the “fundamental” strategies in defining symbolic expressions in a text-code i.e. generation and transformation of musical material to create a score.

    ISBN 9791280270078

    ISBN 9791280270047

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