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Found 1 result

  1. Score with ADD-TEXT-ATTRIBUTES and GEN-DYNAMIC-CONTROLLER. ;;;--------------------------------------------------------- ;;; Sechs Bagatellen fuer Streichquartett OP.9, I ;;;--------------------------------------------------------- (add-text-attributes '(daempfer "mit Dämpfer") '(steg "am Steg") '(d-saite "d-Saite") ) (setf violin1-I '((-q - cs5 pp< daempfer+ubow+tie) (e cs5 > - - bb5 p> leg e5 > leg f4) (q g4 pp> leg eb4 -) (-3q eb4ab4 <> harm - -q -) (-q -3q 3h f6 pp<> ubow) (-q e a6 f< ten fs6 < ten) (q g5 ff - -3q - b3 f marc) (e. c4 < leg s b3 -q -e f3ds4 p leg) (q a3gs4 < - -) (-e q g3fs4 ppp> ten -e fermata -q))) (setf violin2-I '((-h.) (e c4 pp< daempfer+leg gb4 < leg 3h ab4 -3q -q) (-h.) (q bb3 pp pizz+ten - gs3e4 pp<> ubow+arco) (-q d4 pp< ttrem+steg+leg fs4 steg) (-h) (-q -3q 3h gs5 ff d-saite+leg q f4 >) (-q -3q gs3 f> stacc+pizz a4 > stacc -q) (-3q 3h eb6 f> ten+arco+tie s eb6 - e gb4 p> leg+d-saite f5 leg s e5 -) (-h. fermata))) (setf viola-I '((-q -3q 3h eb4 pp<> ubow+harm+ten+steg+daempfer -q) (-q s a3 pp stacc+steg b3 stacc+steg a3 stacc+steg b3 stacc+steg a3 stacc+steg b3 stacc+steg a3 stacc+steg b3 stacc+steg) (-h.) (-e. s c4 p< arco+leg q. c5 leg e bb4 >) (-h) (-s e b5 sf leg s bb4 >p< tie e bb4 -) (-q e f5 fff ten+pizz eb5 ten -q) (-e q. cs5fs5 sfp harm+arco+trem -e b3fs4 p leg) (q c3cs4 < - -s e. bb5 p> marc+tie) (e. bb4 pp -s -3q c5 ppp> fermata+ten - -q))) (setf cello-I '((-q d4 pp< ten+harm+daempfer -) (-q - -3q 3h fs2 pp leg+tie) (q. fs2 < leg e e2 > e4 p leg d5 leg+tie) (e d5 < leg f5 > -q a2f3 pp<>) (-e q cs3fs3 p< ten+harm e g2 pp ten+tie) (3q g2 < 3h cs3fs3 f ten+harm -e c2b2 f stacc+pizz) (-s gs4 ff< leg+arco e e5 < leg+tie q e5 < -e db3c4 f stacc+pizz) (-q -e g3 sffp harm+arco+marc+leg q d4 > app+leg 3q g3 harm 3h g3 f> harm+marc+tie) (e g3 > harm g3 p harm+marc+tie 3q g3 > harm - - -q) (3q b2 pp pizz - cs2fs2 pp< harm+arco+tie e cs2fs2 > harm -e fermata -q))) (setf tempo-I '(("Mäßig" 60 :length 10/4) (:rit 60 40 1/64 2/4) (60 2/4) (:accel 60 96 1/64 2/4) ("heftig" 96 2/4) (:rit 96 60 1/64 1/4) ("wieder mäßig" 60 4/4) (:rit 60 44 1/64 2/4) (44 3/4))) (def-score Anton-Webern-OP-9-I ( :title "Sechs Bagatellen für Streichquartett OP.9, I" :composer "Anton Webern" :copyright "Copyright © 1924 Universal Edition" :key-signature 'chromatic :time-signature (get-time-signature violin1-I) :tempo tempo-I :octave-shift '(c2 c6) :merge-rests t :flexible-clef t :accidentals :cautionary :layout (string-quartet-layout 'vln1 'vln2 'vla 'vlc) ) (vln1 :omn violin1-I ;:port 0 :channel 1 :sound 'vsl-violin-solo :controllers (11 (gen-dynamic-controller violin1-I))) (vln2 :omn violin2-I :channel 2 :sound 'vsl-violin-solo :controllers (11 (gen-dynamic-controller violin2-I))) (vla :omn viola-I :channel 3 :sound 'vsl-viola-solo :controllers (11 (gen-dynamic-controller viola-I))) (vlc :omn cello-I :channel 4 :sound 'vsl-cello-solo :controllers (11 (gen-dynamic-controller cello-I))) )
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