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  1. Ok, that explains what I was experiencing. Thanks! However, when I use arp-down with the "Save As..." method it works ok, but not with the "Export Last Score to XML... " one.
  2. Ok, it works now. I was using menu File, Export Last Score to XML.... and if you do that, the notes are missing. Thanks! Rodrigo
  3. Yes, but is that opusmodus? Or an external editor? I can see the same thing inside opusmodus, but I just checked that the exported xml file does not contains the extra notes (see the exported test.xml file). Thanks! test.xml
  4. I have a strange problem related to this function. As I said before, your code works fine inside opusmodus, I can see the chords in the score and hear them with no problem at all. But when I export the score to xml all the added notes to form the chord are missing. For example, one of the chords I generated this way is the following. When I export this score to xml only the bb3 shows up. What could be wrong? (setf mat2 '((h bb3d4bb4 mf arp-down -))) (def-instrument-set test :instruments (:group clefs :rec (:layout soprano-recorder-layout :port nil :channel 1 :sound 'gm :program '(recorder) :controllers nil :pan (pan 30) :volume 100) )) (ps 'test :rec (list mat2) :tempo 40 :time-signature '(4 4) )
  5. Great! It works! I see what the problem was now. Thanks! Rodrigo
  6. Hi, I have been trying to use this split function which I find very handy. But, in particular with this chord sequence, it fails: (setf mat '((h g2f3f4d5 -) (h a2g3g4e5 -) (q b2a3a4f5 c3b3b4g5 d3cs4c5gs5 eb3d4d5a5) (q e3eb4eb5bb5 f3e4e5b5 f3f4f5c6 f3f4f5c6) (q f3f4f5c6 e3e4f5c6 eb3e4e5c6 d3d4eb5b5) (h cs3cs4d5bb5 b2b3c5a5) (h a2a3b4gs5 gs2g3a4g5) (q fs2f3g4f5 -h.) (q e2eb3f4e5 d2cs3eb4d5 cs2b2cs4cs5 c2bb2b3c5) (h b1gs2bb3bb4 -) (-w) (-w) (-h q. bb1g2gs3a4 e a1fs2g3gs4) (q a1f2fs3g4 a1f2f3fs4 bb1f2f3f4 bb1fs2f3f4) (q b1fs2f3f4 cs2g2fs3f4 d2a2g3f4 e2bb2gs3fs4) (h fs2c3a3g4 -) (-w) (-w) (-h q. g2d3b3gs4 e a2e3cs4a4) (q b2fs3eb4bb4 c3gs3f4c5 d3bb3g4cs5 eb3c4a4eb5) (h e3d4b4e5 -) (h f3eb4c5f5 -) (h f3e4d5g5 q. f3f4eb5gs5 e f3f4e5a5) (q e3f4f5bb5 -h.) (-w) (-w) (-h q. eb3f4f5b5 e d3e4f5c6) (q c3eb4f5c6 b2cs4e5c6 a2c4eb5c6 g2bb3d5c6) (q fs2gs3cs5b5 e2fs3b4bb5 d2e3a4a5 cs2d3g4gs5) (q b1c3f4g5 bb1bb2eb4f5 bb1a2cs4e5 a1g2c4d5) (h a1fs2bb3cs5 a1f2gs3c5) (h bb1f2g3bb4 -q b1f2fs3a4) (q c2f2f3gs4 cs2fs2f3g4 eb2g2f3fs4 e2gs2f3f4) (q fs2bb2fs3f4 gs2c3g3f4 bb2cs3gs3f4 b2eb3a3f4) (h cs3fs3b3fs4 d3gs3cs4g4) (q eb3bb3eb4gs4 e3b3f4a4 f3cs4g4bb4 f3d4a4c5) (w f3e4bb4cs5) (e f3e4c5eb5 e3f4d5e5 eb3f4eb5f5 d3f4e5g5 c3e4f5gs5 bb2eb4f5a5 a2d4f5bb5 g2cs4f5b5) (q f2b3e5c6 eb2a3eb5c6 d2g3d5c6 c2f3cs5c6) (h b1eb3b4c6 -) (-w) (-h q bb1cs3a4b5 a1b2g4bb5) (w a1a2f4a5) (h a1gs2eb4gs5))) (split-point '(c4) mat) I get the message "Error: The value nil is not of the expected type number." I can't find the problem here. Thanks!
  7. Dear Stephane, thanks! It worked perfectly! Best, Rodrigo
  8. Hi, sorry I am missing something very basic. I would like to convert a particular pitch to a chord based on its duration. For example, if I have a omn-sequence, I would like to search for all half-notes and add to their current pitch some other pitches in order to form a chord. I have looked at map functions, but I have not found a way of adding something to the already existing pitch instead of replacing it with something completely new. Thanks! Rodrigo
  9. Hi, any updates on this issue? I can't run OpusModus on my M1 Mac Mini. Can't even compile the examples, it crashes all the time.
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