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  1. Hi All, I am on OsX 10.13.6, High Sierra, I have encountered a phenomenon that I think can be useful to share: in using CLM code, the system sample rate setting sets to 48000, so if after that I use SC code I have errors and it does not run. So it is necessary to go to system settings and set again the sample rate to 44100. You can use MIDI Audio Setup --> Audio devices for that. Best Fabio
  2. Perfect, thank you very much, all my Best, ciao Fabio
  3. Hi All, I apologize in advance if off topic or already resolved somwhere (I have not found anything). I am using this notation: (setf cell8 '(-q w e6 ppp<>ppp trem+nh-d -q)) to obtain a single whole note with diamond head, inside two quarter rests. However I obtain a wrong result and I don't know how to obtain final quarter rest in the place of another diamond note; here is the wrong result: Thank you in advance, ciao Fabio
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